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Name:For Sheith fans on Dreamwidth
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for Sheith fans on Dreamwidth for sharing art/fic/meta/recs/having discussions.
This community is set up for Sheith fans on Dreamwidth, for the purposes of sharing art/fic/meta/recs and having discussions that are not on Tumblr/Twitter/FFA. All are welcome; moderated membership is only active to avoid issues with antis potentially joining, but there is no application requirement. Requests to join will typically be approved within the day, since my email is always open.

There are four simple rules you must follow once you are a part of this community:

1) Don't be an asshole on the comm. This includes not harassing other members and not bringing the discourse to home turf. You are free to be an asshole on your own journal/Tumblr/Twitter, but do the decent thing and keep it there. And on that note:

2) Don't share locked posts on this comm outside of this comm; linking is fine, but don't screenshot and share for the purposes of mocking someone's post/comment, no matter how ridiculous it might seem to you. For the same reason that it's a jerk move to copy the text of archive-only fics on AO3 to share off-site, it's a jerk move to copy locked posts here to share outside the comm.

3) No ship bashing. At all. We're all here for Sheith, and there's no reason to bring your issues with Klance/Shance/Shidge/Shallura/Kallura/etc. here.

4) Please follow the posting guidelines for creating posts, listed in this sticky post.

In return for following these rules, you will get:

1) A locked Dreamwidth community to ship Sheith in peace.

2) A well-tagged and organized community, where you will actually be able to find things that you're looking for. Please note that this is a Choose Not to Warn community, so there is no mandatory warning system aside from sfw and nsfw tags.

3) A place to self-rec a lot, if you're inclined. All recs are very welcome, but please remember the "don't be an asshole" rule.

4) A stable place for your posts. This community will never disappear as long as I'm modding it and Dreamwidth exists, and if I find that I no longer have time to mod, I'll give control over to someone else, which will be done in plain view of the community.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns; my inbox (either here or on Tumblr) is always open, and I'm a mostly hands-off mod unless there's a compelling reason not to be.

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sheith, shiro/keith, the black paladin, the red paladin, voltron legendary defender
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